The knot you have clicked is called Kodao, a knotted rattan string that served as the Philippines’ first calendar. But instead of days, the knot represents a particular community event making Kodao a unique calendar. A chronicle of events instead of a list of days. And just like the unique calendar we named ourselves after, we chronicle in multimedia, the Filipino people as they make history.

Kodao Productions is an award-winning multimedia production outfit. We produce video documentaries on burning social issues in the Philippines such as environmental destruction, human rights, civil liberties, and many more. We also produce broadcasts for national radio networks and community radio stations throughout the country. Both our video and radio productions have been awarded and given citations by private and government institutions.

We have four (4) core programs: Film and Video Production, Radio Production, Training and Education, and Outreach and Networking. Through these programs we aim to produce and distribute audio-visual and related materials that reflect relevant and timely issues for the Filipinos both here and abroad, promote the varied and concerted efforts of the Filipino people for cultural and economic development, and train and develop filmmakers, scriptwriters, and production staff from regional organizations towards the creation of a national network of small audio-visual production units.

We are headed by National Artist Prof. Bienvenido Lumbera, PhD, and counts university professors, award winning artists and human rights advocates among our directors.

We dedicate our filmmaking and multimedia endeavors to the Filipino people's aspirations for national identity, genuine democracy, sovereignty and economic development. Please do join us in documenting and making history!

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