Pagbabago calls for vigilance, action vs poll failure, massive fraud

Pagbabago! People’s Movement for Change called for vigilance in light of the failure of the PCOS machines to work properly in the final testing and sealing conducted in various municipalities and cities. The final testing and sealing in various precincts not only in Metro Manila but also in several provincial cities and municipalities showed PCOS machines failing to read the votes for local candidates. The results of machine counts failed to tally with manual counts.

“This is a big problem brought about by the lack of readiness and sheer incompetence of the Comelec and Smartmatic. An ill-prepared automated election is a well-prepared failure of elections,” said Pagbabago Spokesperson Bibeth Orteza. The Comelec, at this point, has very low credibility that they can make automation work full scale. They have not conducted any end-to-end test of the machines and the field tests and mock elections that were held only showed problems with the machine and the voting process, according to Pagbabago.

“Even if Comelec can show that the machines work properly during the tests, the people’s trust in Comelec is greatly diminished. We should be vigilant and be prepared to spring into action in the likely event of massive fraud and even widespread failure of elections,” Orteza said. “Comelec officials, Smartmatic and Mrs. Arroyo herself are accountable for the failure to conduct a truly credible automated elections,” Orteza added.

Pagbabago warned of the specter of a hold-over Arroyo government. Mrs. Gloria Arroyo stands to benefit from a problematic automation, or even a full reversal to manual elections at this point. Click the images below for bigger versions:


handa po ba ang pagbabago kung di gumana ang PCOS machine dito sa Sta Cruz, Laguna..