Makata'y Mandirigma, Mandirigma'y Makata

Inspired by Jose Maria Sison's poem The Guerilla is Like a Poet, the musical play weaves together National Artist Prof. Bienvenido Lumbera's epic poetry and the libretto of Palanca award winner Edward Perez for a history of the national democratic movement. Makata'y Mandirigma, Mandirigma'y Makata is a cultural feast of activist songs, some vintage and many new ones, modern choreography with a hint of the revolutionary Peking opera style popular during the First Quarter Storm days, and a play with a central character, Ador, poet, political detainee, husband and father.

If you wish to buy copies of the musicale's DVD please contact: International Committee DEFEND at: Telephone No.: +31-(0)30-8895306