Brokenshire students walk out, slam 200% increase tuition proposal

January 12, 2012

Brokenshire students walk out, slam 200% increase tuition proposal

DAVAO CITY - Students of Brokenshire College of Davao met with protest the proposed tuition increase of the administration reaching 200% in increase. Led by their student council and student publication, the students held a protest outside campus in Madapo Hills after walking out of the tuition increase consultation.

“The consultation of the administration is a mere information dissemination and not a genuine consultation with the students. The official documents that we requested were not given to us. We need those to assess their proposal of these increases and to consult it with the students.The students and their parents are the most affected sectors with this tuition increase,” said Chirstian dela Cruz, Prime Minister of the Brokenshire Supreme Student Council.

The proposed increase for the Upward Mobility Program is P186.04/unit making the new fee from P185.96/unit to P372/unit.  The Evening Program will increase from P 231.84/unit to P372/unit, while the Regular Program will increase from P371.91/unit to P428/unit.

Aside from the tuition increases, there will also be increases and additional items for laboratory fees. There will be as much as 200% increase in laboratory fees. The same will be applied for miscellaneous fees where as much as 276% will be applied for the energy fee.

“What we want is a genuine consultation wherein all students shall participate in discussing the tuition proposal, not only a selected few wherein we can easily be intimidated by the administration into agreeing with the proposal,” dela Cruz said.

The Student Council was given an unsigned four-page document which was the supposed financial statement of the college. Furnished copies of tuition proposals were also given. All these documents were received by the Student Council only a few days before the set date of the consultation.

“Giving us unofficial documents and tuition proposals with only a few days before the “consultation” is unethical and more importantly leave us no room for evaluation and genuine consultation with the students,” said dela Cruz.

The unsigned document reflects that the college has lost about P28 million last school year thus the need for the tuition increase.

CHED not doing anything

“The Commission on Higher Education has yet again failed to do its duties of regulating our higher education institutions. It merely accepts tuition increase proposals from the school administrations without questioning it,” said Krista Melgarejo, Vice President for Mindanao of the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP).

“Instead of protecting students and parents from the burden of another increase in school fees, they have become the instrument in hastening the process. School administrators have justified the process of their “information dissemination” by the means of the CHED Memo No. 13 which does not make the consultation process fair to all sectors. Even the presence of a CHED representative is dependent upon the school administration and there is no clear sanctions for schools who do not conduct these consultations properly,” said Melgarejo.

NUSP said that over the decade, the national average in tuition rates have doubled. From P257.41 per unit in AY 2001-2002, it has gone up to P536.31 for AY 2011-2012. In June of 2011, the Senate stated that the country produces an average of 2 million youth who drop out of school due to the increase of school fees.###

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